Track Your Fitness Progress to Stay Motivated.

It’s easy to set big goals and then feel down about ourselves if we haven’t reached them. It’s also easy to feel demotivated due to one or two slip ups in your healthy lifestyle.

We want you to celebrate your accomplishments, rather than focus on your missteps. Tracking your fitness progress in a journal or with an app is a great way to reflect on how far you’ve come.  You are more likely to stay motivated if you put your accomplishments front and center. Motivation and a positive attitude are two of the keys to living a healthy life. Keeping a fitness/health journal will help you to stay positive about your journey.

If you don’t know what to include in your fitness journal, check out our first blog about the importance of tracking your progress.

Reflect on Your Body.

No, we don’t mean that you should zero in on everything that you perceive is wrong with your shape. We want you do take a few moments of honest reflection and write down your physical progress.

  • How did you move?
    • Has your weight changed?
    • How about your waist?
    • Do your clothes fit differently?
    • How many days a week are you exercising?
    • How many minutes are you exercising?
    • What is your favorite exercise?
  • What did you eat?
    • What healthy foods have you added to your diet?
    • What foods have you cut back on or omitted from your diet?
    • Are you drinking more water?
    • Did you adopt the500 rule?

Consider Your Brain.

When you track your fitness progress you are not only tracking your physical progress, you are also tracking your mental progress. Exercise has a huge impact on your mental and emotional state. Again, this is about focusing on your accomplishments, even the smallest ones!

  • What do you think? 
    • What stressors have you eliminated from your life?
    • Are there any stressors you still need to remove?
    • In what ways have you reduced your stress?
    • What is the one thing that you give yourself the hardest time about?
    • What can you do to let that go and feel joy about it instead?
  • How do you feel?
    • Are you building stronger connections with those important to you?
    • Do you feel more positive about your life than you did when you began your fitness journey?
    • How do you deal with setbacks? Do you let them take you down or do you persevere?

Now that you’ve begun to track your fitness progress, it’s time to look to the future. Make a list of any foreseeable hurdles that lie ahead. Write down what you can do to lessen their impact on your life.

For even more details on how to track your fitness progress, read Guide To Thrivee and improve your body, brains and bliss. For more information on how to age beautifully and be fit at any age, read Fitness AFTER 40: Your STRONG Body at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond!

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