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Drawing from more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Wright couples her clinical and research pedigree with her love of teaching to educate, inspire, motivate and entertain.

Dr. Vonda Wright is an orthopedic surgeon and internationally recognized authority on active aging and mobility. She believes with mobility, smart nutrition, and building relationships, we can harness our own power to control 70% of our health and aging.

Dr. Wright specializes in sports medicine and is one of only a few female orthopedic surgeons in the United States. She currently serves as the inaugural Chief of Sports Medicine for the Northside Hospital Orthopedic Institute. She is the founding director of the Performance and Research Initiative for Masters Athletes (PRIMA) and was the inaugural Medical Director of the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex. Her pioneering research in mobility and musculoskeletal aging is changing the way we view and treat the aging process.

Vonda Wright with Friends

Dr Vonda Wright with Richard H. Carmona(opens in a new tab), the 17th Surgeon General of the United States

Dr. Wright speaks worldwide and has authored four mainstream books, Fitness After 40: How to Stay Strong at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond, Guide to THRIVE: 4 steps to Body, Brains & Bliss,Younger in 8 Weeks, and Masterful Care of the Aging Athlete. Her current writing projects include, "Playbook for Raising Healthy Athletes” and “LiveMORE.” In 2013, Dr. Wright ignited a national conversation on Women’s Health via her online and live conference series, Women’s Health Conversations, focused on educating and empowering smart, savvy women to make the best health decisions for themselves and those they touch.

Dr. Wright regularly appears as a guest speaker on national TV shows including “Dr. Oz” and “The Doctors.” She is frequently quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today and U.S. News & World Report, in magazines such as Maxim, Prevention, Fitness, MORE, Runner’s World, Best Life and Arthritis Today, and in numerous online publications.

Dr. Vonda Wright regularly speaks for corporations, financial houses, non-profits, and women leadership organizations.

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Dr. Vonda Wright Speaking Topics


VITALITY: Rethinking What It Means to Live Long & Prosper

Despite the “age-old” myth, aging is not an inevitable decline from the vitality of youth to the frailty of old age. It is the natural flow of life, and yet, with the passing of each emotionally significant milestone -- childhood, teens, 30-something -- we reach our middle ages wondering, “Will my health last?”

Orthopedic surgeon and author Dr. Vonda Wright utilizes her 20 years of research and caring for elite athletes and high-performing patients to prove that not only can you optimize your health to last, but that you can be “healthy, active, joyful… VITAL!” as you do it, long into the foreseeable future. By investing every day in your well-being and rethinking your approach to what a long and prosperous life looks like, you will be inspired to take immediate action to create a healthy future for yourself and your loved ones.


Pivot to Resilience: How to Build Mental & Physical Strength

In this new era where we find ourselves, we may feel the safe option is to hunker down and wait for the normal we recognize to once again return. But as leaders and highly-functioning individuals, we are more than capable of a PIVOT to a forward-facing approach to mental and physical resilience that builds a new kind of strength and moves us forward into this new world.

Orthopedic surgeon, author, and researcher Dr. Vonda Wright brings tactics for building physical and mental resilience from her 20 years of experience working with high-performance and professional athletes to gird yourself against external stress, build strength in all areas of your life, bend but not break, and make the best out of our current reality.


Science Fiction is Now Reality - Regenerative Medicine is Changing How We Live

We live in an amazing age of medical discovery and innovation. The imagination of science fiction epics is becoming reality as we harness the body’s potential for healing and regenerating itself as well and fuse the line between man and machine. Dr. Wright draws on her more than 20 years of research experience to illuminate today’s “wonders of the world” for non-science business and community audiences.


Strong & Courageous: Empowering Women to Take the Lead

As women, we’ve always watched each other successfully manage our households and families. Now, as we watch women successfully manage nations and corporations globally, we know: It’s about time that women take the lead.

Orthopedic surgeon, author, researcher, wife, and mother Dr. Vonda Wright applies the lessons she’s learned on her own road to success in a field dominated by 94% men to empower women to step up and take a chance on ourselves -- men do it all day, every day. Why don’t we? In this motivational talk, we will learn how to negotiate our worth and play up our strengths to break through our self-imposed barriers and shine as brightly as we deserve. It’s high time.


4 Steps to Body, Brains, Bliss

Dr. Wright explains how the best health is no accident but requires purposeful strategic planning. This fun speech or workshop unfolds the 4 steps for Creating A Vision for your future, taking Action via Move-ing and Eat-ing, addressing Attitudes that create barriers to health, and the amazing science between the body-brain connection and measuring Achievement in short and long term health. Perfect for executive innovation seminars, university, or community groups.


Millennial Well-th: The Future of Health and Wellbeing

Women make more than 80% of the health care decisions in this country, not only for themselves but for everyone they touch in their lives – their children, spouses, parents, friends, co-workers. It is women who impact individual health and therefore the nation’s health. And with Millennials growing into a massive influential block in our economy, it’s time to identify and address the needs of this powerful generation of women.

Orthopedic surgeon, author, and researcher Dr. Vonda Wright with her non-profit Women’s Health Conversations set out to explore the health behaviors, attitudes, and desires of Millennial women. Hear the surprising trends we uncovered and stay ahead of the curve in order to innovate our health, culture, and economy in 2021 and beyond.



As an orthopedic surgeon, I treat patients of all ages and skill levels with activity-related musculoskeletal injuries. I'm also an active researcher on a variety of topics in my field.

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I have been sought out for insights on bringing ideation to execution, building innovation into the fabric of work environments, and creating messaging around thought leadership.

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Packed with research-based facts and written as if you were sitting across me in my office, my books will help you change your fitness and nutrition.

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