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InSPIRe- Institute for Sports Performance and Innovative Research

Founding this sports research institute will include endowing the collaboration of 4 core labs and strategic partners to solve innovative clinical and research questions in sports medicine.

Hip Preservation Program

The hip preservation program includes expanding the science behind various arthroscopic surgical procedures through research in three areas:

  • Basic Science, including the analysis of various hip tissue pathologies and harnessing the body’s innate capacity to heal
  • Biodynamics of the hip
  • Clinical outcomes, through maintaining a research registry of all hip arthroscopy procedures
  • The use of Clinical biologics and stem cells via ultrasound guidance in hip preservation

Sports Biologics and Human Optimization Research program

The Human biologics and optimization research program is a collaborative program of clinicians and basic scientists focusing on harnessing the potential of human hormones, PRP, stem cells and biologic scaffolds in a clinically and scientifically responsible manner to optimize healing and performance.

Performance and Research Initiative for Masters Athletes (PRIMA)

PRIMA is the first medical program of its kind specifically designed to maximize performance and minimize injury in masters athletes. The program includes studies of musculoskeletal aging in the laboratory and clinical setting. This work has been rewarded with grants, publications and national and international presentations as summarized.

Ongoing Studies

Dr. Vonda Wright and the Performance and Research Initiative for Masters Athletes (PRIMA) conduct research on an ongoing basis focused on maximizing performance and minimizing injury in masters athletes. For more information on aging athlete studies or other research, contact us.

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