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Exponential Technologies and Orthopedics: Why a Collaborative Approach is Needed

Orthopedists aim to bring relief for those experiencing pain in their joints and ligaments. And with new technologies develo…


Emerging Technologies In Orthopedics

As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and sports doctor, I am acutely aware of new modalities that can be used in this ind…


Orthopedic Technology: What We Can Learn From Innovations Like Pokemon GO

By bringing Augmented Reality (AR) to everyday life, Pokemon GO, the wildly successful AR game, shared a powerful technology…


Additive Manufacturing and Orthopedics Implants: 3D printing in the Medical Sector

It is not surprising that additive manufacturing (AM) has made quite the splash in the medical sector. Additive manufacturin…


Orthopedic Design: How new technologies are reshaping the development of orthopedic devices

Emerging technologies, like AI and accessible 3D printing, are rapidly changing the way that orthopedic surgeons interact wi…