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Are you a creator and wish there was a simple path from ideation to execution, a roadmap from benchside to bedside, or a way to tell the world about the novelty of your thought leadership or passion project?

To reach success sometimes you need One RED Arrow(opens in a new tab) to point the way.

For visionary entrepreneurs, the ideation is easy, but becoming a successful innovator takes not only skill and passion but also an understanding of the pathway to success.

How much easier would it be if there were One RED Arrow(opens in a new tab) pointing you to realization, implementation and achievement?

Execution is everything. It makes the difference between the transformation of an idea to success or failure. Led by innovation experts, One RED Arrow(opens in a new tab) has a proven model to introduce and transform innovation into growth, ideas into reality.

Lynn Banaszak and Dr. Vonda Wright’s One RED Arrow(opens in a new tab) guides you through clarifying and amplifying great ideas through a deep clinical lens and connects innovators to the right people at the right time while creating and implementing creative strategies to support business objectives in an inventive way.

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You have not come this far to ONLY come this far.

-Jesse Itzler


As an orthopedic surgeon, I treat patients of all ages and skill levels with activity-related musculoskeletal injuries. I'm also an active researcher on a variety of topics in my field.

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Drawing from more than 20 years of experience, I couple a clinical and research pedigree with my love of teaching to educate, inspire, motivate and entertain.

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Packed with research-based facts and written as if you were sitting across me in my office, my books will help you change your fitness and nutrition.

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