Biotech regularly produces extremely valuable technology that is advancing our human health. However, sometimes the products fall short.

While biotech eventually make major breakthroughs, this process would be way easier and more effective if biotech product development firms connected with physicians throughout their product development, testing, and disbursement.

Here’s how to connect biotech with physicians in this increasingly complex world and why it’s so important:

6 Ways to Connect Biotech With Physicians

  1. 1 - Attend Medical Networking Conferences

    Medical conferences are one of the best ways for physicians to connect with others in their field. Here, like-minded individuals attend and can share their products, services, and opportunities. Usually, at events like trade shows, there are booths where biotech development firms and/or physicians can set up as a form of marketing.

    If you’re a physician, market your company or yourself as looking to support biotech development. Be prepared to have some ideas ready and examples of ways that you’ve supported development in the past, even if it's to support development within an individual firm.

    Biotech firms should be on the lookout for physicians who are marketing their services at these conferences as they can get a) get a good indication of the types of physicians that are interested in helping and b) source one for hire. These firms should consider getting a booth and connecting with multiple physicians to find the right fit for numerous products.

  2. 2 - Get the Word Out That You’re Interested in Working With Biotech or Physicians

    A lot of the time, it’s important to just get the word out that you’re interested in working with biotech or working with physicians (depending on who you are). Therefore, half of the battle may be simply marketing that information.

    There are loads of ways that you can market this information. For example, you can put it on your website, on the website of your hosting medical center or school, or put up signs in relevant areas. You can also cold call, let your colleagues know that you’re interested in being a clinical champion for biotech, and reach out to medical facilities themselves.

  3. 3 - As a Biotech Firm, Reach out to Individual Clinics and Medical Centers to Seek Partnerships

    If you’re a biotech firm, then you’ll want to reach out to as many networks as you can to try to source those physicians or funnels to get professionals who are interested in working with you. Connect with medical centers, clinics, and hospitals and try to advertise that you’re looking for physicians to help with product development and the multitude of stages of product development that you’re seeking help with.

    You may be surprised to learn that more than one physician may be interested in helping your product development at different stages or in different realms.

  4. 4 - As a Physicians, Reach Out to Biotech Development Firms You Can Help

    If you’re a physician, then you’ll want to try to connect directly with biotech development firms. This may be hard to source, but you can look into the nationally funded biotech firms and reach out to their customer support to start. Their team will at least be able to help direct you to the firms that fit your expertise and niche.

    Before you do this, prepare a write-up, like a cover letter, and a webpage that describes what you can help with, your area of expertise, and your research background. This will help the firm understand where you’re coming from and how your collaboration can support product success. It will also show that you’ve put some thought into this and want to do it right.

    Remember that this process can take a while, so try to take it slow and keep communications open even if you feel like the conversation isn’t going anywhere. Biotech are dependent on funding, so they may not need someone right now, but they may need someone in the near future. And, if they know that you’re ready and on hand, then they may reach out to you as soon as they are ready to go!

  5. 5 - Develop Your Own Product as a Physician

    Another great way to connect with product development firms is, as a physician, to develop a product yourself! This will get you in the process of brainstorming, sourcing a manufacturer, prototyping, and working with development teams to get your product out there. If your product is remotely in the realm of biteoch, then you will naturally catch the eye of competitors or comparative biotech firms who may want to buy your product and bring you on for more ideations.

  6. 6 - Connect WIth Schools, Hospitals, and Associations

    As both a physician and biotech firm, be sure to reach out to medical associations, hospitals, and teaching schools marketing your interest in being involved in biotech or getting involved with physicians. You can keep this as an open invite too, and the hospital, school, or association can then refer more physicians as they express interest, and (to the physicians) can refer these individuals to the right people.

Why It’s Important to Connect Biotech With Physicians

When biotech firms and physicians connect, we find more products that are critical in the market and more applicable. For example, if we can connect more biotech companies with female-centric research approaches and individuals interested in female products, then we will grow the research focused on female needs and have more feminine products, products geared towards gestation and childbearing, menopause, PMS and menstruation, and hormone regulation.

It’s absolutely vital that we connect these two markets. Are you interested in doing this and you’re just not sure where to start? Reach out to me today!