Help! I’ve fallen…

“And I can’t get up!” I’m sure you all remember that commercial. Though it may seem humorous to look back on such advertisements, there is nothing funny about the message presented.

Injury is the number one reason active people fall and quite literally can’t get back up. My goal is to keep you on the court, on the road, and on the field, not the sidelines (or the floor or couch)! One “doctor proven” way to keep your after-40 body moving is to F.A.C.E. your future.

A new kind of F.A.C.E.-lift

This is not the part of the book where I encourage you to go under the knife to appear younger. I won’t do that. I will, however, reintroduce the four components of health and longevity that I outlined in the first edition of Fitness After 40. They are:

  • F: Flexibility
  • A: Aerobic exercise
  • C: Carry a load
  • E: Equilibrium/balance

Together, these four aspects of a healthy lifestyle will help you F.A.C.E. your future with vitality. In the second edition of Fitness After 40, these components get a new look. Chapter five gives a preview of what you will learn about F.A.C.E.-ing your future in the coming chapters.

When you choose to pursue this kind of F.A.C.E.-lift, it’s not purely cosmetic. It is not about looking younger by way of a few nips and tucks. It’s about feeling younger by putting forth a daily effort to maximize your health from inside out… at any age. Before you F.A.C.E. your future, you need to first find out in which fitness category you belong.

What’s your sign?

Finding your fitness category will determine where you are now and where you are going. They are as follows:

  • Elite
    • Trains daily, competitively
    • Intent: maximize performance and prevent injury
  • Fit
    • Exercises two to three times per week
    • Intent: maintain/increase performance
  • Independent
    • Lives independently, does not exercise
    • Intent: F.A.C.E. the future, move to “fit” category
  • Frail
    • Performs daily activities, can’t live independently
    • Intent: Perform basic daily activities, increase independence

If you are in the frail category, don’t worry! Your body is always capable of improvement, so keep reading! If you are an “independent,” then you are part of the 78% of people over 40 who know staying active is in integral part of aging yet do not participate in an active lifestyle. If you are, good news: I am excited for you. You have the most to gain from following this book and F.A.C.E.-ing your future.

If you are in the “fit” category, you will find plenty of valuable information to help you stay injury free. If you are an elite competitive maters athlete, you inspire me! Your goal is to maintain your performance and momentum. Whatever your goals may be, Fitness After 40, Second Edition will help you get on the right path.

Get back up!

F.A.C.E.-ing your future is all about focusing on being a smart, well-rounded exerciser so that if you fall, you will get back up!

For the entire guide to F.A.C.E.-ing your future, see chapters six through nine of Fitness After 40, Second Edition. Also, check back for new posts or follow me on social media using the links below.

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