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5 Technologies Shaking Up Healthcare in 2020

Dr. Vonda Wright | 5 Technologies Shaking Up Healthcare in 2020


Visions of Mobility and Healthcare

While age-related diseases, ability changes, and cognitive functions change as we get older, health-related technologies are…


How to Exercise for Healthy Aging

As we age, it’s important to find ways to stay healthy and active. Exercise encourages strong bones and muscle strengthening…


The Healthcare Revolution: From AI to Personalized Surgery

As a healthcare professional, I constantly keep an eye on the latest innovations and developments in the field of sports med…


The HEART of the Matter

The number one killer of vital women in this country is heart disease. The heart of the matter is - YOU have to take control…


Track Your Hard Work!


Health, Vital, Active, Joyful

Healthy, vital, active, joyful. These are not typically words associated with aging and yet an entire generation of healthy,…