“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.  Let us move forward with strong and active faith.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

So far, you have created a vision and are now preparing to take an action…  Part of your preparation is to imagine what reaching your goals will look and feel like.

THRIVE-ing is an overall sense of well-being in the physical, mental, and emotional parts of life.  What does a vision of Thrive-ing look like to you?  Will you know it when you are there?

Take some time today to solidify your image of THRIVE-ing, and focus on the elements of MOVE-ing, EAT-ing, THINK-ing, and FEEL-ing.  The following is a list of goals for taking action in months 1 and 2 from Dr. Vonda Wright’s Guide to THRIVE:

  • MOVE: THRIVE-ers will engage their bodies and engage their brains by learning to make the first MOVE with 25 Total Body THRIVE (TBT) exercises and developing a daily habit of MOVE-ing.
  • EAT: THRIVE-ers will know themselves by keeping a food journal, learning the 500 rule, making simple food substitutions to simplify eating, and choosing more healthy foods.
  • THINK: THRIVE-ers will stimulate their brains to learn new information by MOVE-ing, and they will free up brain space with stress-reduction methods for simplifying their lives.
  • FEEL: THRIVE-ers will identify what makes them happy, create a joy and thankfulness list, and fortify important relationships.

Setting small, manageable goals puts us in a position to succeed.  Pile a few successes in front of one another, and not only have we paved the way to our goals, but succeeding becomes a habit, our mode of operation.  Now let’s look forward and make a MOVE.

Check out Chapter 5: What Does a Vision of THRIVE-ing Look Like to You? in Dr. Vonda Wright’s Guide to Thrive for more tips on solidifying your vision and goals!

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