Today is the day that we start to crank it up a notch!  You are committed at this point, so now you are ready for more challenges more often!

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Continuing from here, you will learn to keep MOVE-ing to F.A.C.E. your future.  You will learn the four components of fitness that everyone needs to maximize performance and minimize injury:


F: Flexibility

A: Aerobic exercise

C: Carrying a load

E: Equilibrium/balance

Then, you will also take some time to get to know your food, in order to make the best decisions about what to put in to your body.  We will continue our discovery of the science behind building brains with exercise, and the physical connection between the body and happiness.

These are exciting times, but these are also the times when the newness and excitement wears off and we are tempted to do what comes easy instead of what keeps us THRIVE-ing.  If you need to take a day off, then do it… but make sure you come right back!  You are doing too much good to stop now!

Now, think about the goals that you set.  Were you able to accomplish them?  If so, great!  If not, don’t worry, we’ll accomplish them this time around.  Think about what your goals will be going forward for each of the four categories: MOVE-ing, EAT-ing, THINK-ing, and FEEL-ing.

My THRIVE goals for your future are:

MOVE: THRIVE-ers will engage their bodies and engage their brains by learning to F.A.C.E. their future with four complete TBT circuits and the tools that prepare them to create their own future workouts.

EAT: THRIVE-ers will know their food by understanding the roles of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients in their daily diets.  They will use this knowledge to make simple changes to improve their nutrition.

THINK: THRIVE-ers will continue to stimulate brain development via exercise and learn new methods for keeping their brains sharp as they age.

FEEL: THRIVE-ers will learn to create happiness in their own space and time.

When we picture THRIVE-ing, what do we see?  We should be taking steps to Fortify our bodies and brains, and pushing ourselves to Achieve while Renewing our bodies and minds in the journey.

How F.A.R. can you go?

To help you go F.A.R. check out Dr. Vonda Wright’s Guide to THRIVE, and Chapter 9: A Vision of Your Bright Future.