We have the power to live the perfect lives we envision for ourselves.

I believe that fitness is a key to achieving this.  Exercise enriches your life. From your energizing your body, to sharpening your brains, to bringing you bliss, exercise is the secret to thriving in every area of your life.

But I know it can be hard to stay motivated, especially if you work long hours and have other stressors in your life.

That’s why it’s important to invest in yourself every day. 

The secret to staying motivated about fitness is to believe that you are worth living your best life.  The trick to staying motivated is investing in yourself everyday. Here are some tips to help you remind yourself daily that you deserve to thrive.

Put Your Vision Front and Center.

You’ve created your vision plan, but we know it can be easy to lose sight of it while you’re busy taking care of everyone else. So, put your plan everywhere! Write it down on a post-it (several post-its!) and put them at your desk, dashboard, fridge and even set reminders on your cell phone that prompt you to thrive.

Don’t make your reminders overwhelming! Make them fun and inspiring. Can you imagine if your cell phone dings with a reminder that says “It’s your time to THRIVE” or “Live your best life?” What would it feel like to see those messages over and over again? That kind of motivational affirmation will certainly enhance your positive perspective on your life.

Keep a Journal.

At the end of each day, track your progress. Ask yourself:

  • Do you feel like you are thriving today?
  • If not, what are some of the things during the day that kept you from feeling your best? 
  • What will you do to make tomorrow better?
  • Does anything in your initial vision plan need to change?

Remember that your vision involves you as a whole person. You’ll also need to track

  • What you eat.
  • How much you moved during the day.
  • The things you thought about most.
  • Your emotions throughout the day and your overall feeling at the end of the day.

This may seem like a lot, but remember, you deserve to take this time for yourself. Once you get into the groove of keeping a journal, you’ll wonder how you got along without one!

 Get Support from Your Friends!

Workout buddies are the best! They’ll keep you accountable so that you keep moving. They want you to succeed. Your workout buddy should be someone important in your life, someone you trust and someone that you can lean on.  Remember that it is okay to ask them for help.  Having a bad day?  Talk to your buddy!  If you need an extra push to move you off of the couch, call your buddy! Tell them you need a little reminder that you deserve to thrive.

Always make sure to keep your buddy updated on your progress.  Of course, the best workout buddies join you on the track or in the gym!

Don’t forget, you deserve to live your best life. Don’t let you or anyone else take that away from you! Get out there and live the life you envision! For more advice on setting your goals read Dr. Vonda Wright’s Guide To Thrive.