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Why We Need To Embrace Data-Driven Healthcare

As society moves into a more data-centric world, healthcare needs to adapt to embrace more data use cases and functions to p…


AI Diagnostics: How Emerging Tech Can Solve The Serious Problem Of Diagnosis In Women's Health

As an underresearched population, women have struggled with getting the diagnoses they need early on. AI diagnostics might f…


The New Frontier of Dr-Patient Communication

The COVID pandemic has highlighted the drive for digital health. From telemed solutions to robots and AI, doctors needed to …


5 Remarkable Facts About the Future of Healthcare

Emerging technologies give hope that healthcare can solve some of the world’s most challenging health-related issues. And, p…


How Technology Can Help You Move More Efficiently

While the health industry continues to bring extraordinary advancements, we are still looking for smart ways to keep our bod…


The Healthcare Revolution: From AI to Personalized Surgery

As a healthcare professional, I constantly keep an eye on the latest innovations and developments in the field of sports med…