You CAN get stronger, faster, better even as you get older! Here’s how to actually keep that swagger as you age!

Stay Vital in your 20s

At this time in life your braun may be your strong suit but your brains may not be. You feel amazing and want to push yourself to the limit. I love that. As a sports doctor to hundreds of young athletes, I love your bravado!

My advice is to test your limits but just don’t abuse the luxury of youth. What you do now does effect you in the future so be smart.

Now is the time to build the strongest muscles, bonesand endurance as a foundation for your future. Vary your activities so that all your body parts build strength. Get on the road, court, playing field and bash your bones, build a better brain through aerobic exercise.

Remember that what is good for your heart is good for your penis. Your mobility now matters. Enter races, contests, tournaments and prove to yourself that you are strong and courageous. Now is the time.

Be Strong in Your 30s

Don’t get distracted!

This is the time in life when you are moving up the corporate ladder, forming lasting social relationships (including kids) and when your usual group of buddies have less time to play sports with you. Now, your mobility matters even more!

Don’t be that guy who shows up for his 20 year high school reunion looking like his dad!

Kill your gut with high intensity circuit training and making your valuable time count in the gym. Threehigh intensity workouts a week go a long way in keeping your waistline in check. Grab your tape measure and measure your waist. If you are creeping up towards 40 inches you are seriously damaging your long term health and setting your self up for future diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Stand up straight! Nothing makes you look more like an old man than a slouch! Roll back your shoulders, hold your head up high and engage your core (aka- suck in your gut!)

Get Primed for Your 40s

There is a myth out there that life is all down hill when you hit your 40s. Nothing could be further from the truth! Our 40s can be prime time for us.

Remember, our bodies are not failing us, we are failing our bodies.

As an Orthopaedic Surgeon and researcher I have published may studies that prove when we invest in staying strong everyday, we are capable of so much more than what those 40th birthday cards that say R.I.P expect of us! In fact, many of the best endurance athletes in running and triathlon are in their late 30s and 40s.

No excuses! Do not accept the myth of slowing down!

The man in his 40s needs tof.a.c.e. his future with well rounded workouts.

F for daily flexibility workouts with dynamic stretching, yoga, pilates or even taking the time to stretch out before hitting the golf course.

A for aerobic exercise of any kind, at least 3 times a week. Take a day off between intense exercise to allow for regeneration of your muscles. I always say “be intense and then let it rest.”

C for carrying a load. I purposefully do not say “lift weights.” I suggest functional resistance training using your own body weight, free weights, gravity and the floor pushing back on you for the best total body strength.

Finally, we need to practiceE-equilibrium and balance every day. Stand on one foot while you brush your teeth or talk on the phone. Falling over is not very manly!

Work that Swagger in your 50s

I love swaggering “older men!”

A little grey hair, lots of vitality, the wisdom and life acumen that comes with experience is all packaged in a frame that is excellently maintained.

True, not every 50 year old guy is like this but every 50 year old man could be if you pay attention to the details of aging. The fact is that 70% of how we age is determined by the little decisions we make every day. Those little decisions add up.

For the man in his 50’s I have these suggestions:

If you have lost control of your aging it is not too late! Measure your waist, get off the couch, roll your shoulders back and stand straight and make great decisions. If you have not been to the doctor’s office lately make an appointment now and have your blood pressure, glucose level, cholesterol level, testosterone and PSA checked.

Now is the time to have your first colonoscopy and to honestly think about your libido. Your penis is the dipstick of your health and if it is not the same as it was in your younger years chances are your other plumbing is not either.

There is NEVER an age that you can not take control of your health, regain your swagger and live the life you have envisioned.