Like many of you I have been busy running all over town finishing my year’s work, filling my house with great food and preparing for Christmas Day with my family and friends. It all leaves me breathless but joyful!

These are Merry days and some of the best in the year.

In the week between Christmas and New years here are four tips to have a jolly & healthy holiday and  to savor this season of amazing food and family:

  1. Savor every bite of the amazing food before you…..but limit your bites! We all can’t wait for that first bite of fudge, homemade pie or that amazing looking Christmas cookie but after a couple bites our taste buds get saturated and the taste is less intense.  STOP right there. You’ve had the pleasure now move on.  I have a friend who recently lost 60 pounds by only eating half of the portions placed in front of him.  You can still savor every bite…..just take fewer bites.
  2. Spend quality time with your family….outside on a walk!  This is the time of year when traditions matter most.  Start a new tradition of spending quality time talking with your family and friends by taking a “post Christmas dinner” walk together before dessert.  I guarantee you will laugh and enjoy each other more on a metabolism-stimulating-walk than plopping down in front of the TV….and you will feel less guilty about those bites of dessert when you get back.
  3. Stay away from the gym.  What did I just say? I didn’t say ignore your fitness….but in these busy days don’t let too little time to get to the gym limit your fitness.  Your living room, stairs, hallway,garage…are all perfect locations to get in a good workout by focusing on the new year.  F-flexibility….stretching or foam rolling your muscle out doesn’t take any special space at all….just you, the floor or a wall. A-aerobic activity…a great way to get in some quick cardio and get a good resistance workout in all at the same time is to climb stairs for 20-30 minutes.  You can do this in your house and make it harder by carrying a load of laundry up and down with you.C-Carry a load…..this is my work for working out your muscles!  Grab a wall and do wall squats for your core, butt and quads.  Lunge across the living room or down the hall for a total lower body workout. Pull your resistance bands out of the closet and pull your muscles into shape at home!  Finally, E-equilibrium/balance…..staying upright in the new year is as simple as practicing balancing on one leg while you do the Christmas dishes, brush your teeth or talk to your friends at a party.
  4. Store the exercise equipment you got for Christmas….in plain site. Don’t put your new exercise bands, foam roller, bike or treadmill away after your open them Christmas morning!   Keep them in your path so you are forced to work them into a new daily routine.  Hang an exercise band on the back of your bathroom door and get a couple sets of bicep curls in before your leave in the morning.  Hang one next to the phone and work out your body while you workout your mouth. NEVER hand cloths on your new bike….this equipment can become the most expensive clothes hangers you ever buy if you start this habit.

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