When I’m asked to sign my book “Fitness After 40:  How to stay strong at any age”  I generally sign with the words, “These are the best years!”  Find out exactly what I’m talking about by watching this talk I gave recently at the Army War College where the Army’s top brass come to train.  Every decision maker, whether you are a 4 star general making decisions for the troops and families that guard our nation or the mom that makes all the health decisions for her family or the business person who governs how employees are cared for or the doc who wants to prevent sedentary death syndrome in her patients, can hear and see why I am so passionate about not giving into the myth  that an arbitrary number of birthday candles automatically predisposes us to a less full life.  Aging is NOT a mandatory decline from vitality to frailty!  These are the best years! APFRI Health Day — Fitness after 40 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeI2mW0NRLA