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9 Ways Biotech Gets It Right

Biotech companies provide our society with innovations that make life easier and better. Medical biotechnology companies fue…


Exponential Technologies and Orthopedics: Why a Collaborative Approach is Needed

Orthopedists aim to bring relief for those experiencing pain in their joints and ligaments. And with new technologies develo…


5 Technologies Shaking Up Healthcare in 2020

Dr. Vonda Wright | 5 Technologies Shaking Up Healthcare in 2020


The Forgotten Demographic: Why a Female-centered Approach to Biotech is Critical

Biotech has a woman problem, and it's complex and multifaceted. Here’s why we need to include this forgotten demographic.


Visions of Mobility and Healthcare

While age-related diseases, ability changes, and cognitive functions change as we get older, health-related technologies are…


How Telehealth is Transforming The Healthcare Industry In Post Covid Times

Telehealth, or the ability to access health remotely, was implemented during COVID. It’s transformed the healthcare industry…


Emerging Technologies In Orthopedics

As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and sports doctor, I am acutely aware of new modalities that can be used in this ind…


Orthopedic Technology: What We Can Learn From Innovations Like Pokemon GO

By bringing Augmented Reality (AR) to everyday life, Pokemon GO, the wildly successful AR game, shared a powerful technology…


Orthopedic Design: How new technologies are reshaping the development of orthopedic devices

Emerging technologies, like AI and accessible 3D printing, are rapidly changing the way that orthopedic surgeons interact wi…


Aging Technology and Living More: My Take on the Active, Aging Body

As a health professional, I am passionate about more than simply improving people’s lives through surgery. Instead, I look a…