Still Got Game!

Perhaps no town is more fickle than Hollywood. Fashion trends come and go, no-names rise to stardom, and well-known celebrities lose their place on the A list just as fast as they gain it. Though change ironically seems to be the only constant in Hollywood, another timeless preoccupation continues to pervade the city – staying young. Botox injections, face lifts, special creams, the list goes on and on. Aging stars do anything they can to return to and maintain that twenty-something look. We may not all be movie stars but some of you may hanker for your younger days.

But I say….bring on the years!

As an Orthopaedic Surgeon whose practice focuses on maximizing performance and minimizing injury of masters athletes and active agers of all skill and ages levels, I know we are capable of great athletic feats …as well as looking and feeling great…long into the future.
Don’t believe it? Take a look at the more than 10,000 athletes competing this week at the National Senior Games in Houston. This event showcases athletes from all over the USA who refuse to let their age be a barrier to high level performance. Watch them and you will not be saying, “ahh, how cute.” Your reaction will be more like, “OMG can you believe that how fast she is” or “ Are you sure that athlete is 60, he looks 30.”

I am always inspired by their enduring greatness!

Older athletes today are busy out performing their younger competitors. Many out throwing, running, jumping their younger competitors and are reaching a new height in their physical performance.
Look at Mark Recchi, who just won his last Stanley cup 20 years after he won his first! In fact, the older athlete has many advantages over younger competitors including more tactical acumen and a better feel for the game.
Want some motivation to jump start your butt the couch or reach for the next personal best? Check out the National Senior Games this week where greatness is not defined by age.