When it comes to discovering what it takes to grow-up strong and healthy, my 8 year old has all the answers!

MOVE freely.



SLEEP soundly.

These keys to growing-up strong and healthy are actually the same keys to growing-older strong and healthy. Adults need these same 4 ingredients to live long and prosper!


Want to maximize your health every minute of the day? Move all of the time!

I mean it. Fidget, shake, walk, climb, pace, bounce….anything but sit! Many new studies show that exercise alone will not overcome the devastating effects of sitting at desk or on a couch for 8-12 hours a day!

We are designed to MOVE with two strong legs and three layers of butt and core muscles to propel us forward.

Time is the number 1 excuse for not moving to great health. Check out my new series of 20 minute to burn exercise circuits that can be done anywhere you are. No gym required! HOT, SIZZLE, BURN!


Although it may sound a little soft compared to the hard bodied, ripped abs approach to health displayed on most magazine covers, emotional health (or LOVE as my daughter chips in) is central to total body health. Love profoundly alters and supports your health without you realizing it.

It is completely normal to have a range of good and bad days but it is when those days of worry, sadness, anger or loneliness become chronic that the problem sets in. Left unchecked, depression or anxiety can increase your risk for diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

In my book, Guide To Thive: 4 Steps to Body, Brains & Bliss I make the connection between what our body does and how our brains feel. Did you know that the 20 minutes of intense cardio you did this morning will lift your mood for the next 12 hours? Remarkable, right?


We have all heard the frightening statistics, nearly 70% of all american adults and over 30% of children are overweight or obese.

Given that, we tend to think we should stop eating, but that could not be more incorrect. We need to eat to maintain our bodies, brains and our bliss. What matters is how and what we eat.

Here are simple tips that I tell my patients to them stay in control of their food!

  • Eat protein at every meal. Whether it is a handful of nuts or lean meat, your body needs protein to rebuild and control your appetite.
  • 2/3 of every meal should be brightly colored fruits and veggies. They can be raw or cooked but make sure they are tender and not mushy.
  • Keep your salads healthy by adding flavorful toppings. Your salad will taste great naked, so that you won’t need the calorie laden dressings.
  • Absolutely no fried foods. Also be on wary of the hidden calories that sneak into your morning coffee a la the extra pumps of hazelnut or caramel.

Finally, get to know the superfoods that can really maximize your health and change your life.


As someone who did their medical training before work hours were regulated and who knows first hand the profound physical and emotional effects of chronic sleep deprivation, I can tell you without a doubt that you need to choose a time when the TV, lights, computer, phone are off and you put work aside and go to bed.

You will better at everything that you do if you reserve time to recharge your system. Sleep is as vital to good health as great food and activity.

Not only does sleep stabilize your emotions, but a lack of sleep is linked to obesity. As our brains crank out messages that it needs more energy , the body responds by loading up on simple carbs.

Learn how much sleep your body needs. I can perform a normal day on four hours but I am best with seven. Next, establish realistic and consistent bed times determined by your body clock. Night owls may not go to sleep until midnight but then sleep later in the morning. Morning people, like me, are worn out by 9pm, but ready for the world at 4am. Find out what you need and stick to it.

Live your life to the fullest and move, love, eat and sleep your way to a healthy body, a sharp brain and a blissful spirit!

For more health and fitness tips, check out my newest book Fitness After 40: Your STRONG Body at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond!

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