A tale as old as time!

My goal is to change the way we age. Why is that? Because I know that the age-old concept of getting weaker as your birthday cake candles glow stronger is a myth. It’s nothing but a fairy tale… a thing of the past. Through my work and research I have seen it firsthand over and over again- our bodies are powerful! We were built to move, and we were built to last. On my mission to change the way we age, the publication of Fitness After 40: How to Stay Strong at AnyAge helped jump-start a national conversation about active aging. As a continuation of that conversation, I am thrilled to announce that a second edition, Fitness After 40: Your Strong Body at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond, will be available this August 5th!

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What’s new? In the new edition of Fitness After 40, I have outlined the latest scientific updates on aging and a comprehensive guide to maximizing your health at any age. This includes:

  • 26 new detailed resistance exercises
  • A Six-Week Jump Start to Mobility Plan
  • A complete nutrition chapter
  • A series of 20 Minutes to Burn exercise “bricks”
  • Cheat sheets to help you on your journey

…and many more tools to help you get off the couch and F.A.C.E. your future!   Most importantly, you will gain the empowering knowledge that you can control your future to get the most out of the best years of your life.      

That’s right, you are in control

If I was on an infomercial selling you the power to control 70% of the way you age, you’d be silly not to instantly jump on it. But the power to control the way you age does not come in pill or shake or DVD form. You won’t see it at the supermarket with an “as seen on TV” sticker on the box. It comes from you making the conscious decision to get up and move. So don’t blame mom and dad and Big Aunt Bertha, because only 30% of the way you age is determined by genetics. The rest is up to you!        

Stay tuned

I’ve been taking care of patients and athletes of all levels and ages for 29 years. I know it isn’t easy and understand there are real obstacles for everyone, but the fact that you’re reading this tells me you are taking a step in the right direction. By reading Fitness After 40 and being a part of my ongoing conversation, we can overcome those obstacles. I applaud you for taking control of your future and look forward to helping you along the way!  For tips and updates from Fitness After 40, Second Edition, keep checking back for new posts from each chapter or follow me on social media using the links below.

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